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"this is my house, my rules" screw you [Jan. 29th, 2006|07:14 pm]
[mood |pissed offpissed off]
[music |the poetry man-stevie ann]

my dad is a total ass. So, here's the thing. Next year our school is taking part of an exchange program to St. Petersburg. This means that in may 2006, a russian girl will live in my house for one week, and then september 2006 i'll go to St. Petersburg and live there for one week. I was amazed by the idea and i'd so love to go there! like, traveling is my passion, my dream and my goal. it's a once in a life time oppertunity, cause when am i ever gonna live in a russian house again?! But then.



my dad's like: no i don't want anybody in this house because Steve has already been there and i just don't want it. I said But dad, it's only for one week and i never get to go there again ever and... and he's just like: i dont wanna argue about it, no means no.My house my rules and blablabla and he just started shouting and scared the hell out of me.



* it's the last schooltrip from my high school ever

* i didn't went on the last schooltrip cause  i was in Canada

*all my friends will go, And then ill just be sitting home alone... while they're having the time of their lifes

i fucking hate this so much.

Lynn, lisa and me in the water of Pieces of Midas <3 i love this picture, good memories



[User Picture]From: boemelaartje
2006-02-01 08:14 pm (UTC)
i don't hate him.. i hate the situation and what he's doing. but dumdumdum

guess what

my mom woke me up at like 7 in the morning(while i had to go to school at like 11) and she's like, if you make a cup of coffee for your dad RIGHT NOW, you get to go to St. Petersburg.

i was like ?! what?! that's the weirdest thing i've ever heard. but i did(of course) and now i get to go. Awesome:D and yeah i know canada is a big thing and it's amazing they let me do that...
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